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How The Wrong Golf Club Head Can Affect Your Game

A golf club might seem like just one whole piece of equipment, but there are in fact different parts to the club. One of the most important parts of the golf club is the golf club head. The golf club head is the action part of the club, as it is the part which strikes the ball when you take a swing. There are in fact different parts to the golf club head and different types of golf club head for each type of club from drivers and irons to wedges and putters. Knowing about these different types of club head can help you to understand the game of golf better, and see why certain clubs create certain types of shot. If you want to know more about how the type of club head affects your game, then here is some advice to help learn more.

Parts of the head

A golf club head is made up of various parts, all which serve an important purpose. The hosel is the part that connects the head to the shaft, while the face is the part that strikes the ball. The sole is closest part to the floor, and the back is the opposite side of the face. The back and hosel are not that changeable, so we will look at the face and the sole of the club.

Club face

The face of the golf club head is the action part of the club, as this is where the ball touches the club. When you watch golf you will hear the announcers saying whether a play has taken a wood or an iron followed by a number. This number is to do with the slope of the club face. The larger the number then the greater the slope away from vertical, meaning a higher and shorter shot. That is why a 3 iron can generate a longer and flatter shot than a 7 iron. Most drivers generally have a 10 degree slope, whilst 9 irons will have a slope of around 43 degrees, depending on the manufacturer and exact club type. So, it is important to know which type of club head you are going to use in each shot so that you can know the distance and height of the shot. You should also look for a club with a nice amount of grooves on the head, as this helps improve the spin which is good for distance.

Club sole

The sole of the golf club head should reduce the twisting in a bad shot. You want a broad and flat sole on a wood to help glide over the grass, whereas for irons you want a sole that slices through the turf easily to prevent disruption in the shot.

Knowing more about the golf club head will help you better understand the physics of your shots, and this will hopefully improve your ability to pick the right clubs and make good shots.

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