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Hands Off With Video Golf Lessons

So you have been playing golf for years but suddenly, this summer, you have developed a wicked slice and you have no idea where it came from.  Chances are that if you are a weekend golfer it is your swing and there is even more chance that your swing is pretty inconsistent.

I always like to hear weekend golfers say that they need to “break their swing down” to get at the problem.  If you are a weekend golfer your swing is probably already broken down.  But there is help and that help will not cost you the $35 per hour that the club pro wants to charge you.  That help is video golf lessons.

Video golf lessons are perfect because video golf lessons allow you to take the swing of a professional and break that down while you learn how to fix your own swing at your own pace.  Video golf lessons give you the swing of Tiger Woods for a one time fee and you can reference that swing for the rest of your life.

The video golf lessons will also break Tiger’s swing down for you and help you to understand how to replicate his swing.  Of course if it were really that easy then there would be no need for teaching professionals and everyone would be playing like Tiger Woods.  But video golf lessons can be a great help.

Do Not Video Tape Yourself

Video taping your own golf swing is a lot like video taping yourself kissing your significant other.  When you watch it back it is no where near as graceful as you thought it was, you are not nearly as good at it as you thought you were, and you can depress yourself when you realize you have been doing it the same way your whole life.

Until you are completely confident that you have finely tuned your swing to the point where all your golfing buddies cannot help but comment on how perfect your swing is, you may want to hold off on video taping your swing to watch later.  Quitting golf is not the point of video tape.

Video golf lessons are a great way to take a look at the mechanics of a good professional golf swing and then have someone break it down for you step by step.  It will walk you through the entire swing and allow you to learn the real golf swing at your own pace.  A video golf lesson is not a real substitute for a trained teaching professional but on those days when you really want to work on your swing, and there is no pro around, the video is the next best thing.

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