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USGA Golf Rules Dictate How to Officially Play Golf

USGA golf rules, or the rules of the United States Golf Association, are considered to be the official rules of golf. If you are a serious golfer, you will want to play by USGA golf rules all the time, especially to prepare yourself for competitive or tournament play. If you are a beginner golfer, it is a good idea to become acquainted with USGA golf rules so that you can become a better golfer. You will find yourself having more fun on the golf course if you abide by the official rules of play. Also, being familiar with USGA golf rules will allow you to avoid any conflict over an unsure rules situation on the golf course.

A great tool that any golfer should have is an USGA golf rules handbook. Following in an abbreviated form are some of the most important and commonly used rule concepts that you will find in USGA golf rules.

The maximum number of clubs allowed in your bag while you are playing a round of golf is fourteen in accordance with USGA golf rules.
On the tee box of each hole, you must place your ball between the two tee markers for it to be considered legally in play.
You are not allowed to move the tee markers on the teeing ground or tee box.
If your ball falls off the tee when you are addressing it, you may place it back onto the tee without facing a stroke penalty.
On the putting green, you may remove loose pediments from your line of putt, but you are not allowed to press anything down.
You must wait to make your stroke on the putting green until other players’ golf balls have stopped moving.
If your golf ball strikes the flagstick when putting from the putting green, you will incur stroke penalties.
You must always play the ball as it lies, unless local rules are in effect.
If you believe your ball may be lost or out of bounds, you may hit a provisional ball from the same position. Be sure to inform your playing partners or opponents that you are playing a provisional ball.
Each player should put an identification mark on their golf ball to make sure that they play the correct ball throughout the course of the round.
All players must proceed around the golf course without undue delay. For example, when searching for a lost ball, limit your search to a maximum of five minutes.
You must never take an action that moves your golf ball, unless it is allowed by the rules.

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