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Golf Tournament Changes its Name

On January 27th Tiger Woods upheld his reign in the Buick Invitational golf tournament winning it by two strokes and finishing15 under par. Going into the final round on Sunday, the field was highly contested with the leader board shared amongst seven players in the golf tournament. Tiger Woods was at the bottom of the … Read more

2007 PGA Seniors Golf Tournament in Turtle Bay, Oahu

The 2007 PGA Seniors Golf Tournament in Turtle Bay, Oahu will be a grand event that golf fans everywhere will love to follow and watch. One of the biggest senior golf tournaments of the year, the 2007 PGA in Turtle Bay is looking to be a grand event. Covered grandly by the media from beginning … Read more

Tips for Coordinating a Golf Tournament

Have you been put in charge of planning a golf tournament? This may sound like a large task and if you are feeling a little nervous about it, its t be expected. But don’t worry because we are going to share with you some great tips for coordinating a golf tournament that will make this … Read more

Learn about the Masters Golf Tournament

Golf fans everywhere have probably heard of the master’s golf tournament but if you haven’t or if you just want to know more about it, there are many great resources available out there for you to help you learn all you want to know about the master’s golf tournament. There is actually much to learn … Read more

Sample of Proposal for Charity Golf Tournament

If you are planning a charity golf tournament, you are going to need sponsors. Having sponsors is important to get enough money to allow your charity golf tournament to take place. To get your sponsors, you will need to have a proposal that you can show to potential sponsors. A sample of proposal for charity … Read more

Tips for Planning Golf Tournament Syllabus

Are you in charge of planning for an upcoming golf tournament? If so, then you probably already know that there are many steps involved in this process. To plan it and plan it well you need to know what you are doing. If this is your first time organizing an event like this, then you … Read more

Are You Planning Golf Tournament Ideas?

Have you always wanted to host or plan your own golf tournament? Have you been asked or invited to plan your own tournament? If so, you may be ready for planning golf tournament ideas. However, its not really as easy as it may sound. There are many steps that go into planning an event such … Read more

Orange Bowl Jr. Golf Tournament

Next month marks the 13th annual Orange Bowl Junior Golf Tournament; an event sponsored by the American Junior Golfers League (AJGL). Hosted by the Willow Wisp Lakes Country Club, this years championship will raise money for the TEAM Leukemia charitable foundation. Each year the Junior Golf League selects a foundation to contribute proceeds from the … Read more

About the Masters Golf Tournament

Champions – That word runs rampant throughout the Masters Golf Tournament. It is the champions that are whispered about on the golf course. It is the champions that the sports announcer speaks about so eloquently on the television. It is the champions that everyone comes to see. Every year, golf players around the world work … Read more

Golf Tournament Syracuse Futures Classic

Golf is one of the most popular and prestigious sports around the world. It is famous in many counties across the globe and has drawn the attention and admiration of men and women of all types and ages. For many years people have played, loved and watched this sport. One place in the country where … Read more