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Choosing Golf Tournament Hole Signs

If you are going to organize or plan a golf tournament, you might consider what type of golf tournament hole signs you will use. Many golf tournaments decide to use special golf tournament hole signs that signify this specific tournament. Many allow the sponsors of the tournament to place their logo or advertising on the … Read more

Attend the HSBC Golf Tournament

Do you want to attend the HSBC Tournament this year? Every golf fan has heard of the famous HSBC golf tournament. If you are looking for a great, exciting, exhilarating experience for a golf fan in your life, you should try to score them tickets to this prestigious event. In addition to the regular tournament, … Read more

About the Mid Golf Tournament Indiana

The Indiana Golf Association often holds a mid golf tournament Indiana. If you are a golf fan from Indiana or even from some other part of the country, you may want to travel in to see this mid golf tournament Indiana holds. Golf is one of the most beloved sports of all time and there … Read more

History of the Masters Golf Tournament: a Traditional Event

Founded in March of 1934 by the legendary Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, the history of the Masters Golf Tournament suggests that it is one of, if not the most, prestigious competitions in the game of golf. Originally titled, Augusta National Invitation Tournament; the competition sought out the most accomplished players around the country. Four … Read more

Getting Your Own Masters Golf Tournament Tickets

This year, the Masters Golf Tournament will be contested, April 2-8, 2007. Getting your hands on Masters Golf Tournament tickets will be just like any other year. It has always been as much a challenge to get Masters Golf Tournament tickets as it is playing in and winning the competition. Procuring tickets for this popular … Read more

Selecting Golf Tournament Awards

So you’re not giving away the green jacket or the seven million dollar cash prize at your upcoming golf tournament? Nevertheless, selecting golf tournament awards is still very much an important part in planning a golf tournament. Top scorers can and should be rewarded with quality golf tournament awards. Most often, players truly value their … Read more

Choosing Great Golf Tournament Gifts

If your company is having a golf tournament or even acting as a big sponsor in a golf tournament, you might need golf tournament gifts. When it comes to choosing these gifts, there are different things you need to consider. For example: 1. Who will be receiving the gifts? 2. Are there different levels of … Read more

Golf Tournament Themes Made Simple

If you need ideas for a golf tournament theme, there are a few things that should be considered. First think about the audience and ask yourself a few starter questions. For example: Who will be attending the golfing event? What is the purpose of the golf tournament? What time of year will the event be … Read more

Quality Printing for a Golf Tournament Flyer

Do you need a golf tournament flyer? Do you have an upcoming golf tournament of event for which you need a golf tournament flyer? The flyer is an important part of your event because it is going to serve as a form of advertisement for the event itself. This means it is very important that … Read more

Attending a Charity Golf Tournament

If you love golf and you are looking for a great new way to experience the sport that you love so much? Are you thinking of attending a charity golf tournament? If you love golf and you want to make a difference for a charity, you can attend a charity golf tournament. This is a … Read more