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A Proper Golf Swing Leads to Better Scoring

A proper golf swing may be something that a golfer spends his entire golfing career trying to achieve. The evasive proper golf swing will enable you to score birdies and pars and avoid those bogeys and double bogeys. To really enjoy your time out on the golf course and impress your golfing buddies, check out … Read more

Learn the Concept of a One Plane Golf Swing

Golf swing mechanics can be a complicated concept, but for great golf swing and scoring improvement on the course, concentrating on achieving a one plane golf swing is a good approach. The one plane golf swing will give you a consistent golf swing that you can execute time and time again with your irons, woods, … Read more

Golf Swing Weight: Swing Training Aid

Many golfers are always looking to improve their golf swing, and there are a number of golf swing training and teaching aids available to help with perfecting your golf swing. One of these popular golf swing teaching aids is the golf swing weight. This piece of golf swing training equipment is inexpensive, simple to use, … Read more

Golf Swing Trainers: Your Key to Scoring Better

Golf swing trainers come in all shapes and sizes, and chances are you will be able to find one that is right for you and improves the area of your golf swing that you want to work on. Golf swing trainers can help you with ball position, golf ball impact, set up, an even swing … Read more

Good Golf Swing Tip: The Key to Improvement

A simple golf swing tip may be all you need to avoid hitting those slices, hooks, or fat shots. For example, simply moving the ball position may fix that thin shot that you keep hitting off the tee. Before you get frustrated and swear never to step foot on the golf course again, consider a … Read more