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Summer/Winter Golf Rules: Maybe in affect at Your Local Course

The most avid golfers will enjoy playing the game in any type of weather and season, but summer/winter golf rules will be slightly different depending on what time of the year it is. Golf courses go through changes with the seasons, and a winter golf course will look much different than a course in the midst of the summer. Many golf clubs will have summer/winter golf rules that dictate how play should proceed during a particular time of the year. These are known as local rules and you should always pay attention to the local rules if the course you are playing has them in effect. Abiding by summer/winter golf rules can help you get the most out of your golf course and the condition it is in.

Summer golf rules usually dictate that you play by the normal rules of golf. Most courses are in their best shape during the summer. Some courses in very hot climates may have some local summer rules that call for you to hit off of only designated areas of the tee box. This allows the grass on the tee box to sustain as little damage as possible. Another common summer golf rule is to always repair your ball marks on the green. Greens are under the most stress during the summer, especially if the hot weather has been severe, and a ball mark that is not prepared may leave a scar on the green for the rest of the year. Also, be sure to replace your divots when hitting from the fairway. These simple procedures protect the golf course during the summer and allow it to stay in the best condition possible.

During the winter, much of the grass in the fairways and on the greens may be dead. Also, the golf course may be facing snow, heavy rain, or other adverse weather conditions. These type of difficult playing conditions may result in lies on the fairway that are bare and very hard to play. A common local winter golf rule at many courses is that you can play the ball up. This means that you can touch the ball and improve its lie when you are in the fairway, allowing you to have a decent chance at a shot.

Summer/winter golf rules may not be applicable to all golf courses, so be sure to check with the club house before playing. Also, your playing group may come to an agreement on some special summer/winter golf rules to enact and the entire group can abide by these rules without worrying about stroke penalties.

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