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Shopping for Golf Training Aids

The sport of golf is one which is incredibly complex and detailed, and there are many things that you can do if you are interested in improving your game, and really, who isn’t? In particular, by using golf training aids you will not only be able to work on your problem areas and become a better golfer, but learn more about the sport of golf in general as well.

Golf training aids are sold worldwide, both in golf shops online and in the non-virtual world. The aim of these aids is to help those either that are just beginning their golf career or those that are just trying to improve their game.


There are lots of different training aids to choose from, one in particular being the PinPoint GL Laser Rangefinder from Opti Logic, which features PinPoint technology that makes knowing the distance from your ball to a flag, the green, or anywhere else simple and easy. It also features precision flagstick targeting to 350 yards, One-touch instant on-automatic shutoff, displays in yards or meters, includes 9v battery and carrying case, and has an automatic rain mode for precision readings regardless of the particular weather conditions.

Another great golf training device is the Butch Harmon Right Grip Golf Glove, which features what is known as “Soft Bar Technology,” which is the insert that is used in both gloves. There is a padded, raised bar that sits in the palm of the left-hand glove and then another one that appears between the thumb and index finger on the right-hand glove for right handed people, and of course this is reversed for left handed people.

These gloves also come with an instructional DVD that features Butch Harmon himself, and the video, along with the directions that are provided in the packaging, result in making a good, basic neutral golf grip easy to achieve. The soft bars in these gloves also work to address another problem that many golfers experience, which is gripping the club too tightly. This is one type of golf training aid in particular that all golfers should try out at least once, and which is sure to have an improvement on anyone’s game.


Regardless of how many golf training aids you use, if you want to include your game then you are still going to have to take time and put practice in. Only with time and practice will you really be able to make any progress with your game and end up seeing any noticeable and significant improvement.

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