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Cheap Golf Shoes: Saving Money For Other Gear

When you are trying to piece together a golf package and get the most for your money, sometimes it is best to review your needs and weigh your options prior to making your buys. If you take the time to decide where you can skimp and where you can spend, can play a large role … Read more

New Womens Golf Shoes

The sport of golf has easily become one of the most popular sports for families or people looking for something new in their life that gives them a great level of exercise. Along with the great level of exercise or the great family sports day of course comes the need for the right equipment and … Read more

Womens Golf Shoes: Taking It To The Course Pro

With golf being a sport that is generally dominated by men it may seem somewhat difficult to find womens golf shoes. That is why there are specific companies out there supporting the woman golfer and providing her with a wider range of choice when it comes to golf accessories such as shoes. Women are getting … Read more

Spike Less Golf Shoes

With golf courses all over America insisting that players use soft spikes or no spikes at all on their golf shoes, many manufacturers today are scrambling to introduce lines of shoes that can meet the demands of the course as well as the customer themselves. Enter the spike less golf shoes. These shoes are actually … Read more

Puma Golf Shoes: A Newcomer To The Tee Box

With an anticipated entry date to the world of golf quickly approaching, the major sporting goods company of Puma is prepared to set new trends. Puma golf shoes, coming to sporting goods stores near you in March 2006, are looking to break old fashion molds of what golfers envision as standard golf attire. Not only … Read more

Nike Golf Shoes: Greek Mythology Sets The Tone

Nike is perhaps the most predominant name in sports, is it any wonder why the company designer looked to the Greek gods for a fitting name for the gear? Nike is the name of the Greek Goddess of Victory, and this brand has in all counts become synonymous with the phrase winning. Nike golf shoes, … Read more

Staying On Par With The Right Golf Shoes

When looking for golf shoes there are many options that are becoming available to the consumers. Individuals have the option of shopping at a local retailer or they can go online and search online retailers. If an individual does decide to use a local retailer they may want to look at, and try on each … Read more

Dexter Golf Shoes: Keep The Scorecard Low And The Comfort Up

Keep The Scorecard Low And The Comfort Up With Dexter Golf Shoes To date there is a very large round up of shoe companies trying to earn the respect of pros and weekend golfers alike, one company however has already shown up on the championship tees with a vengeance. With each and every golf shoe … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Canvas Golf Shoes

For those avid golfers looking for a comfortable shoe to trek the links in, there are many options. While some would argue the use of less than traditional footwear when it comes to golf, there are some that feel that comfort is more a priority to them than following trends. This is where canvas golf … Read more

Take A Bite Out Of Your Competition With Bite Golf Shoes

With several brands of golf shoe on the market, the search for the right footwear can be quite exhausting. Just about every brand has millions spent on advertising, marketing, and overall research in the field. Often times however a company comes up with what many can consider a mere clone of what the company before … Read more