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Scramble Golf Rules

Most golfers take part in regular stroke play while on the course, but there are a number of alternative golf games that you can enjoy with a group. These other golf games, such as a scramble, best ball, or match play, can bring an element of excitement and competitiveness to your traditional golf game. By learning some scramble golf rules, you can try out a fun new game next time you are at the golf course. Scramble golf rules also bring an element of comradeship to the game, as you and your teammate can combine your games and take advantage of each player’s strong points. Scramble golf is especially a great golf game to play with your children and scramble golf rules are so simple that they can be easily picked up by any player. Many team golf tournaments will include a round of scramble golf, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with scramble golf rules. Also, if you want to play a round of golf quickly and save some time, scramble golf is a great choice.

Scramble golf rules include the normal components of a golf game, with a few simple alterations. Usually players will team up into groups of two, but you could even have a scramble golf group of three people. Each player of the team will hit a tee shot, or drive, and then the team will precede to the best drive. The best drive off the tee box will usually be the one that has advanced closest to the green, but it sometimes may be the ball that is in the best position for an approach shot, such as in the fairway. The player whose shot was not chosen will pick up his ball, and then drop it to put it into play where the chosen drive is. The rest of the hole will precede this way, with the team playing the ball that results in the best shot, and each player hitting again from this shot. The rules remain the same on the putting green, with each player getting a chance to hit a putt and the best putt is chosen as the one to play. The team’s resulting score for the hole will be the number of strokes it took to complete the hole.

As you can see, scramble golf rules are good to use when playing with golfers that possess different abilities. For example, if you are a good driver but not so great on the putting green, you would want to chose a teammate that is a good putter so that you can maximize your chances of scoring well on a hole. Now that you are equipped with the basic scramble golf rules, you are ready to enjoy a new game out on the golf course.

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