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Scotland Golf Vacations: Best Courses in Europe

If you are looking for Scotland golf vacations then you will not be disappointed with the courses which you find. There are both renowned courses as well as hidden ones which boast nice views and plenty of challenges. So which ones are the best and what can you expect from Scotland golf vacations?

Why Scotland is Excellent for Golfing

There is something to suit every single budget in Scotland. So no matter if you are looking for an exclusive or a budget golfing vacation, there should be something to suit you.

Some of the best courses within Scotland include:


Aberdeen is home to nine different golf resorts and courses and many golfers love the reasonably priced Auchmill Golf Club. The Auchmill Golf Club was originally designed as a 9-hole course but it was later redesigned to extend it to 18 challenging holes. From the course you can see Aberdeen airport as well as views over the whole city. The reason many golfers do like this course so much is because it does offer many challenges to them no matter how experienced they are.

Another good golf course in Aberdeen is the Royal Aberdeen golf course. It is the sixth oldest golf course within the world and now it has a waiting list of people wishing to become members. Both locals and people from overseas can become members of the club. The main priorities of the club today are keeping the course challenging for all abilities of golfer. So, if you are lucky enough to be granted as a member of the Royal Aberdeen golf course you will definitely not have a boring golf game again! Overall Aberdeen is one of the best golf places to take Scotland golf vacations.


Ayr may only have two golf clubs but the Belleisle and the Dalmilling Golf Clubs are certainly worth visiting for. The Belleisle Golf Club has championship parkland and it is one of the best British public golf courses around today. There are two courses within the Club and the Belleisle is definitely the easiest out of the two. Both offer excellent sea views and great challenges so if you are looking at Scotland golf vacations then do not rule this one out.

St Andrews

St Andrews is another great Scottish golf vacation place and a particularly hard course if you wish to test yourself can be found at the Eden Course. The Eden course was opened in 1914 and it is basically a traditional links course.

Another course which may be of interest to beginners of the sport is the Balgove course. It is fairly small which means that it is only really for beginners and children but it is definitely worth a visit. If you are looking for something a little more advanced on the other hand then you may want to try out the Jubilee course. It was originally designed to be a beginners course just like the Balgove one but it has since been redesigned to make it arguably one of the toughest courses within Scotland. So if you are looking to try your more experienced skills out then the Jubilee is definitely a course for you.

Scotland golf vacations can be relaxing, scenic and challenging and you will find something to suit your needs no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.

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