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Finding Your Way Round The Golf Course

Not all golf courses are the same, and some can seem like a real maze to get round when you first play them. Even experienced golfers sometimes find it hard to negotiate their way around large and unknown courses. However, it is important to make sure you know where you are going so that you can plan your round and not hold anyone up. Whilst most courses have great signage to help you find your way, you should still pay attention to where you are on the golf course. This way you will be able to focus more on your game and not on finding your way around the golf course. Before you start playing, remember to take these simple steps to help you learn more about the particular golf course you are going to play.

Follow the signs

If you haven’t been to many golf courses it can seem daunting to get around such a large expanse of green area. However, most courses have great sign posts that will help you find your way around. Make sure you follow the signs clearly and you will easily find your way from hole to hole. If you are having troubles navigating the course, then ask a member of staff or fellow player at the course and they will likely help you out.

Get a map or plan of the course

Before you go round a golf course, make sure you review a map or plan of the course. This will give you a good idea of the difficulty of each hole that you encounter. You can then mentally prepare for the hole ahead and know exactly what sort of shot you need to play. It will also help you to understand the course layout and where you need to hit your ball towards when playing this is especially true for holes with blind or obscured flags from the tee shot.

Respect other players

Whilst you might want to go around the course in a different way, it is important to respect the prescribed route for the course. Not taking this route could lead to slowing up or disrupting other groups of players. If you use all the resources you have at hand to get round the course and remember to respect other players, you will find that using the golf course is extremely easy and hassle free. All courses are different, but with a little common sense and practice you will find it increasingly easy to navigate round different courses.

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