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Picturesque New England Golf School

Ask any golfer and they will tell you that the best places to put a golf school are Florida, California, or Arizona.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is nothing like learning to play golf at a New England golf school.  At a New England golf school you can learn how to play golf among the scenery and landscaping that New England is so famous for and a New England golf school will also put you within driving distance of some of the most beautiful little towns in all the United States.

At a New England golf school you have the chance to learn to play golf in the same weather conditions that you would run into at St. Andrews in Scotland or at Pebble Beach in California.  With a climate that encompasses all four seasons you can learn how to play golf in any condition at a New England golf school.

if you plan your trip for the right time of year you can learn to play golf in conditions that Florida and California simply cannot provide.  There is a reinvigorating feeling you get with a crisp Autumn morning and there is nothing more beautiful than when the leaves herald the coming of winter by changing to all kinds of wonderful colors.

It is a Vacation as Well

If you have never taken the time to investigate what New England has to offer then turning your New England golf school trip into a part-time vacation as well is a wonderful idea.  New England has a historic feeling all its own and many of the New England golf schools are more than happy to help you set up some sight seeing tours of the local history, take in the beautiful scenery, or shop in the downtown shopping district which can be an adventure in itself if you are in the right New England town.

If you are considering going to a golf school sometime in the future then consider a New England golf school.  New England has an old world charm that will make you feel like you are playing in Scotland itself and New England offers the option of learning the game of golf without the oppressive heat that you can find in places like Florida, California, or Arizona.  So when you start to plan your golf school vacation you will do yourself a favor to consider New England.

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