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Periodization For Golf Training

Periodization for golf training is a great way to focus on your goals and achieve them in a more realistic time frame.  Periodization for golf training can help you better understand where you are and how to get where you want to get as you apply yourself to your lessons and begin to understand the game of golf and become more proficient in it.  Peridoization for golf training is an excellent way to help you reach your golfing goals and perhaps one day help you to attain that ultimate goal of becoming a professional.  I think we can all agree that periodization for golf training is a great thing.  You have no idea what periodization for golf training is, do you?

The process of periodization is taking the goals you set for yourself and putting a time table on those goals that is both realistic and attainable.  Then you take that time table and break it down into manageable periods of time that can inspire you to meet your personal deadlines.  It is a great system of self motivation and if you are driven by your goals then periodization helps you envision those goals and then also envision a realistic time frame for achieving those goals.  If seeing an actual attainable time table in place to help you attain your goals does not motivate you then organization is the least of your problems.

One Step At A Time Baby!

When you put periodization for your golf training you are setting your sights on small attainable goals and the time frame with which you can realistically meet those goals.  If, for example, your goal is to get involved in the US Open qualifying system then your first step is to find out when your first regional tournament is.  You can then use the US Open qualifying schedule to put periodization into your golf training and begin to ready yourself to climb the steps you have set to reach that goal.  The US Open may be a little lofty for a goal so maybe you just want to qualify for a local amateur tournament.  Use it as your goal and plan from there.

Nothing is accomplished without a plan and a great plan is at the core of all great success.  I think I just made that up but it is very true.  Without a plan you can accomplish nothing and without a great plan you cannot accomplish great things.  So take the time to map out your quest and before you know it you will be teeing up in your first tournament with a feeling that you are really ready for your moment.

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