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Peltz Golf School: Short Game and Low Scores

While many golfers spend considerably more time on the driving range with their drivers and fairway woods, there is a good chance the worst part of their game is the short game. Consider an average par 72 golf course will typically have four par 3 holes, on which the driver is not used. Throw in a couple doglegs that turn less than 175-yards from the tee and another couple of holes on which the driver stays in the bag. The Peltz golf school allows students to focus on their short game, resulting in lower scores.

The proper grip has always been a major part of golfing success, but more importantly understanding what need to be done during the short part of game will lower scores quicker than driving 300-plus yards from the tee. The Peltz golf school puts the focus on wedge shots, pitching, chipping and hitting out of sand to make each shot a low score shot. Many golfers believe that a bad tee shot can be corrected with the second iron shot if the ball can be placed closer to the pin.

Going back to the number of times a driver is used in the game, it may strike the bal 11 or 12 times. Yet, golfers will spend a fortune on the driver that promises to send the  ball further and straighter. The instructors at on of the six Peltz golf school sites recognize the need for making good drives, but to lower scores the golfer needs to become a complete golfer by learning to play the short game.

The Most-Used Putter is Often the Cheapest in the Bag

During 18 holes of golf, a person will use their putter a minimum of 18 times. If they are lucky enough to hit a chip shot into the cup, they will probably two-putt the next hole. Many weekend warriors will two-putt every green bring the number to 36 for the number of ball strikes they have with what may be the cheapest club in their bag. Peltz golf school understands the frustration of golfers hitting the ball well and not being able to achieve a better overall score.

Courses offered at Peltz golf school include one, two and three day schools as well as workshops for putting and chipping. All lessons are focused on the short game and reduce the score of all participants. Grip, stance and balance are all reviewed and if necessary changes are suggested to help lower the attendee’s scores.

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