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Learn the Concept of a One Plane Golf Swing

Golf swing mechanics can be a complicated concept, but for great golf swing and scoring improvement on the course, concentrating on achieving a one plane golf swing is a good approach. The one plane golf swing will give you a consistent golf swing that you can execute time and time again with your irons, woods, and drivers off the tee box.

A one plane golf swing means that when you bring your golf club back and follow through during your golf swing, it stays on one consistent plane. This enables you to strike the ball with a square club face, which gives you the golf ball performance you are looking for long and straight shots. A golf ball that is not hit with a square club face will result in hooks, slices, and other problems off the tee. These types of shots result from a golf swing that varies from the one plane golf swing.

Luckily, there are quite a few ways to work on your golf swing and get closer to achieving a one plane golf swing. One approach that has brought great to success to many golfers, including beginners and professionals, is using a golf instructor. By taking one lesson, a group lesson, or enrolling in a series of lessons, you will gain insight and pick up great techniques that will improve your golf swing and help you understand how to use a one plane golf swing.

If you want to practice at home on your own time and save the cost of lessons, there are some golf swing teaching aids that will help with a one plane golf swing. A popular golf teaching aid is the golf swing trainer, which can be bought online or at golf retail outlet stores. The golf swing trainer guides your golf club along the one plane golf swing, allowing you to get a feel for it so that you can repeat it on the golf course.

Another golf practice training tip that doesn’t even need you to buy anything is the quarter balance trick. A one plane golf swing means that you have achieved perfect balance. This quick and easy practice with a coin will help you learn how to swing with balance. First, place a quarter or other coin on the top of the shoe of your outside foot. This is your left foot if you are a right-handed golfer. Next, try to take your golf swing without letting the coin slide off your shoe. If the coin has fallen to the ground after your swing, you still need to work on your balance.

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