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Official Golf Etiquette is an Important Part of the Game

Official golf etiquette is important in the sport of golf, which is known as the gentleman’s game. To successfully take part in the game of golf, you need to become familiar with a few of the official golf etiquette rules. Official golf etiquette does not just involve the use of manners on the golf course. It also includes the practice of golf course safety and proper golf course care and maintenance. Learning some official golf etiquette will prevent you from making a mistake while on the golf course that may offend your playing partners.

Never make noises or sudden movements after another player has started their shot routine.
At every tee box, the player who hits first is who has honors, or the player that scored the lowest on the previous hole.
On the putting green, be careful where you step. Try to never step in another player’s putting line.
Always wait to hit your shot when it is your turn. The player who hits first is the one who is farthest from the hole, whether it is on the putting green or in the fairway.
An important part of official golf etiquette is avoiding slow play. To do this, be ready to hit your shot when it is your turn. Try not to indulge in a long shot routine. One or two practice swings or practice strokes on the putting green should be enough.
It is a polite part of official golf etiquette to remove the flagstick from the hole if you are nearby and it is time to putt.
Don’t remove the flag from the hole on the green unless you are sure every player has their ball on the green and no one needs to see the flagstick for their putt.
Official golf etiquette dictates that you should tend the hole for another golfer if necessary. To do this, stand near the hole and remove the flagstick before the ball reaches the hole. Make sure that you are not casting a shadow over the player’s putting line.
Proper golf attire is needed for each golf course. You will usually need to wear a collared shirt.
If your approach shot has left a divot on the green, always repair it. It is good practice to repair your own divot, as well as one other. Also, if you take a divot with your shot in the fairway, try to replace the divot or fill the divot with sand if possible, or at least pat down the area to allow the grass to grow back.

Official golf etiquette is important to practice if you are going to be out on the golf course. These simple tips will get you started, but is also a good idea to pick up a copy of the official rules of golf.

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