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Novelty Golf Ball: What A Novel Idea

Have you been looking forever for the perfect gift for your golfing friends? Look no more-novelty golf balls will get them every time. Not only will you have them laughing, you will have given them a true piece of memorabilia.

There is an enormous supply of novelty golf balls on the market today. Some are for golfing, but many of them are just for gag gifts or possible a way of getting a message across. There are very inexpensive gifts to give, in addition, a gift that will always be remembered.

There are novelty golf balls in the form of mood or therapy golf balls. Have you ever felt like just hitting someone? Imagine how it would be to be able to swing at a little ball with the words mother-in-law or better yet boss. What a refreshing way to vent. We can never have too may of them!

For a great wedding gift, you can get novelty golf balls that will be able to communicate what you can’t. They come in a variety from sentimental phrases to obnoxiously cute words to pick the newlyweds apart- all in fun, of course.

Some of the most popular novelty golf balls are the ones for on the golf course. At least the recipient of this gift believes they are for on the course. There is the ever-popular unputtable golf ball. It looks like a normal golf ball but, regardless of how its hit, it will not go straight. It will jump, skip or roll backwards, but it will not go straight. Your friend wont know what is wrong with his game that day.

Another popular novelty golf ball is the one that has colored ribbons coming out of it at impact with the golf club. This one is always good for a laugh. On the other hand, imagine watching someone hit the ball only to have it shatter into a million pieces.

Then for those golfers that can’t seem to stay out of the water, is the floater. You will be the envy on the course when your ball lands on the water and it floats. This has been one of my personal favorite novelty golf balls.

There are just a few of the many novelty golf balls available. They are becoming more popular each year and not just with golfers. They are a lasting gift to share with anyone.

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