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Learn With the Pros at a Nike Golf School

Whether a beginner, and intermediate or advanced player, Nike golf schools have something that helps even the best players become better. As a leader in sports and sports equipment, Nike is often associated with the players in many sports. The famous “Swoosh” logo is recognizable world wide and participants at a Nike golf school can learn that it takes talent, as well as top equipment, to be the best regardless of the sport being played.

Beginner golfers can obtain an extra edge the professionals can help them learn the proper grip, the balanced stance and a smooth swing to provide as much impact to the ball as is needed for any given shot. At the Nike golf school sessions as available for up to a week to help the new players better understand the intricacies of the game.

Classes are available for those living close enough to one the numerous Nike golf school locations throughout the United States to commute on a daily basis. For those who do not live close enough, live-in accommodations are available for the entire week.

As many players grow older they grow better and intermediate instruction is also available at the Nike golf school locations, as well as instruction for high school and college golf team members. As many believe that practice is the key to getting better at the game, the pros at a Nike golf school know that practicing the right techniques will provide a better return on the effort.

Adults Don’t Have to be Left Out

While the junior golf lessons at the Nike golf school are limited to those under 18, parents do not have to feel left out in the cold. Paren’t-child sessions are also available at the Nike golf school. Typically lasting three days, they can be taken as a commuter class or on a live-in basis, depending on where the class participants reside.

The Nike golf school also has courses designed to help golfer become better teachers or coaches. Many high schools simply have a staff member who likes to play the game take over as coach of the school team. No matter how good a player that person may be it takes a special skill to be able to teach the game the right way to others.

Most lessons at a Nike golf school include playing time on championship courses. This depends on the school’s location, offering the students an opportunity to play in conditions similar to those of the major professional golfers.

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