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Myrtle Beach Weekend Golf Trips

If you are looking for a great location for your golfing vacation then look no further than Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips. Golf trips in Myrtle Beach are very popular with golfers in the US and it is not hard to see why.

So if you are serious about golf then you should consider the many golfing vacations at Myrtle Beach. There are over 120 different locations for you to discover, making it an unmissable weekend golfing trip! The only problem you will have is finding where to go within Myrtle Beach as there are so many good golf courses available.

What are the best Courses within Myrtle Beach for golf?

Myrtle Beach is renowned for having great golf courses and here are just a few of the best to visit:-

North Myrtle Beach

If you are looking for North Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips then one place you should not miss out on is Barefoot. There are various Barefoot courses and they are great for both beginners and experts alike. They allfer natural beauty and some also encourage walking where you will appreciate the natural beauty as much as you possible.

For a weekend there you can expect to pay anything from $300 to $627 depending on the course you want to visit. They are long weekend trips and you can play at any three courses which you choose. It is great value for money and you will have a fantastic time at whichever courses you do choose.

Central Myrtle Beach

The Legends golf Resort in Central Myrtle Beach is definitely one of the best Central Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips locations to visit. It is host to 10 different championship class courses and the Parkland course is definitely one of the best courses to play on. It is the newest course available within the Legends and it truly makes the most of the natural terrain with deep faced bunkers, natural areas and tree-lined fairways.

If you are looking to stay for the weekend then the best package to choose is the Legends 3 round special which starts as low as $55 per person per night. You have to be staying for 3 nights and it includes accommodation, 3 rounds of golf as well as breakfast and daily housekeeping. You really will feel like you are living in luxury at the Legends resort.

Other good Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips which are worth checking out include Litchfield Country Club. It is one of the only golfing locations which has kept its original features and it has not given in to updating. This makes it a classic beauty and if you are planning on staying for the weekend you can expect to pay around $300 upwards.

Overall there are plenty of Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips you can choose from and all will provide you with that extra special experience which you will never forget.

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