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Maui Golf Vacations: Fantastic Golf Experience

If you are looking for a good golfing destination then why not consider the many Maui golf vacations available? There are several excellent courses to suit all levels of ability and there is bound to be something which you will love.

Some of the Best Maui Golf Vacations Available

There are different types of golf vacations available in Maui and the ones most people are interested in are the ones opened to the public. So, if you are looking for public golf courses in Maui, here you will find some of the best which will test your golfing abilities.

Khalili Golf Course

The Khalili golf course is situated on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains which makes it really idyllic as it offers stunning views over the sapphire pacific. It is certainly one of the best courses to visit when planning Maui golf vacations.

The Par 72 course was designed by Robert Nelson and Rodney White and it was constructed in 1991 which makes it a fairly new golf course. Tournaments are held there all throughout the year which shows how challenging the course actually is. It is important to be accurate if you are to survive the entire course and that can be a real challenge no matter how much of an expert golfer you are.

Kapalua Resort

Another great destination to consider when looking at Maui golf vacations is the Kapalua Resort. It is by far one of the best in Maui and it is where the PGA Tour is held annually. Designed by Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore, the course spreads across natural formations and pineapple plantation fields. This makes it a very scenic course to play golf on. Suitable mainly for the expert golfer, you will be walking along the exact same course as Tiger Woods himself.

Pukalani Country Club

The Pukalani Country Club is situated overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Bob Balddock, the course covers roughly 160 acres of land and it was built in 1970 which makes it a fairly old course to play the sport on. However, despite that it is an old course, it is still admired by many modern golfers and some love the challenges that it gives them.

Overall Maui is a fantastic golfing destination and there are so many different Maui golf vacations to choose from. You should have no problem finding one to suit your budget and you may even be able to get a god deal from your local travel agents. So if you are looking for a good golfing vacation, Maui may be the perfect choice for you.

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