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Marketing Strategies Of Golf Resorts

The marketing strategies of golf resorts do tend to be a little misleading sometimes. For example, many resorts compete by lowering their prices. This is all well and good but it is certainly not a good long term strategy. Whilst you may get some extra custom from these deals, usually that custom is from people who do not spend much money within the resort.

So what can you do to improve your golf resort marketing?

Good Marketing Strategies of Golf Resorts

Whilst keeping prices down permanently is not really a good long term marketing strategy, you can afford to lower your prices every now and again and perhaps offer discounts.

Discounts often work out better than price drops because it encourages people to spend money on a product or a service which they would not usually use. Many golf resorts offer spas and other facilities so one marketing strategy which you could carry out includes offering a discount for the spa once a certain number of rounds of golf have been booked. This offer will be attractive to families as well as women golfers and even some men golfers. It is not really causing you to lose money as you are attracting people who would normally not bother to visit the spa at all. That is known as clever marketing!

Other marketing strategies include giving complimentary things away in golf packages. Golf packages within your resort need to be different from the ones found at nearby resorts. The marketing strategies of golf resorts always tend to include complimentary use of something within a package. For example, if you book a package which includes the use of a spa or the gym as well as golf, you could include a complimentary towel. Or perhaps you can add a complimentary buggie for use on the course?

Finally another one of the great marketing strategies of golf resorts should include a warm welcome. First impressions are everything and you really want your visitors to feel welcome. So make the entrance area of the resort as comfortable and as unique as possible. Perhaps you could serve drinks on arrival or flowers etc could be placed within the visitors room on arrival?

Overall there are various marketing strategies of golf resorts which can be applied and all need to be given serious consideration. Only when you have the best marketing strategy will your golf resort truly succeed in being one of the best. Always look after old as well as new customers and make the experience as welcoming and as exciting as possible for them.

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