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Ride The Rough With Lifted Golf Carts

Golf players are always after the newest gadget or product, whether it be a new club that can get them those extra yards, or the new design of ball that offers the smoother and more accurate flight. Whatever it is, golf players have got to have it. This has been seen no more clearly than in the development of lifted golf carts. They have become the ultimate in 4×4 automobiles. New technology as also seen 4×2 lifted golf carts come along to make a mark in the market. Manufacturers are also aware of their responsibility to the environment and how carbon neutral cars are becoming equally popular. This has seen the arrival of the only 4×4 all electric off road golf cart available. The advantage of these off road golf carts is that they will get you where you need to go without the noise of a petrol fueled car.

Rough riders

The advantage of these types of automobiles is that they offer access to a great range of environments. With golf courses springing up all over the world in surprising and challenging environments, golfers are going to be needing vehicles that will enable them to deal with these rough terrains. Such vehicles are the new lifted golf carts. Given that lifted golf carts are more elevated with higher chassis, it means that they are able to maneuver much more easily than other types of golf cart. The lifted golf cart also has big wheels which allow it to power over any rough terrain that it might encounter. They need to be extremely powerful and some lifted golf carts that come equipped with high torque 48 valve motors have the ability to out pull a 400cc 4×4 petrol-fueled car. These lifted golf carts enable to reach places that you would never be able to normally go, making them ideal for the golfer looking for a real challenge.

Super cars

Lifted golf carts also have the potential to be much larger than the other golf carts available on the market. They can either have more room for passengers or they can have more storage space, making it possible to have more people along for the ride or more equipment at your disposal if you decide to make a day of it. They can also be modified to your needs if you wish for additional extras to be put in. These can include ice buckets, windshields and electronic features such as satellite radio or DVD Players. What is sure that whatever you choose to put in, it will be a vehicle not to be messed with!

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