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Looking for Golf School, Beginners? California Has It

When you think of California, you probably think of open beaches with tanned bodies in bathing suits. Maybe you think of surfers in wet suits and giant waves crashing against the shore. What you may not think about is golf. However, you’ll find courses all over the state to please the avid golfer. You may … Read more

Picking the Appropriate Golf Instructor for Children

As you can imagine there are numerous considerations that should be taken into account to choose the best golf instructor for a child. Of course, everyone needs to select an appropriate instructor and choosing an instructor can be a huge decision to make, but when you are selecting the instructor for a child there are … Read more

Finding a Junior Golf School for Young Interest

If your son or daughter is interested in playing golf, you may find it difficult to justify the expense of becoming a member of the local country club or purchasing clubs for them. However, there are junior golf school programs at many locations, and golf clubs for juniors tend to be much less expensive, since … Read more

Golf Tips for Winter

Learning to play golf is sometimes a rather difficult process. However if you live somewhere where it gets rather cold you could be looking at some huge problems in terms of practicing golf when the weather turns icy cold. However, if you work on building a game plan before the weather gets icy cold you … Read more

Enrolling in a Nike Golf School

There are golf schools offered all over the world at several different golf courses, and you can research any one of them to determine which is the best for you. Of course, this depends upon what sort of instruction you wish. However, if you want to guarantee a quality course, especially for youths, you should … Read more

Taking Golf Lessons in Surrey

While golf may seem to be an American sport to many, this is a severe misconception. Golf is an international pastime, and you’ll find facilities to accommodate the enjoyment in many countries around the globe. In fact, many people in England are very avid golfers, and you can definitely find several facilities for golf lessons … Read more

How Can You Benefit from Golf Lessons Online?

It seems like learning to play golf is something you have to do through practice and lessons from professionals out on the field. However, everywhere you look on the Internet, you find offers for golf lessons online. What good are these lessons when you can’t even practice the advice that’s being preached as you read, … Read more

Tips to Selecting a Good Golf Instructor

Golf is one of the few sports that is around today that is growing rapidly in popularity and has a huge draw for numerous types of people to play. What may seem like a rather mundane sport has actually started gathering the attention of children and even middle-aged adults as well. In the past golf … Read more

Going to Golf School Texas Style

When you think about going to golf school, Texas is probably not the first place that comes to mind. However, there are several areas of the state in which golf is an important sport, and golf schools are easy to find to cater to the needs of beginning and improving golfers. Texas is home to … Read more

Finding Sources for Left Handed Golf Instruction

Unfortunately, the world is geared toward right-handed people, as the majority of people tend to be right handed. This means that, under many circumstances, special provisions are made for left-handed people. That is true for most sports (think about baseball) and especially for golf. In fact, if can be very difficult to find a source … Read more