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John Jacobs Golf School: Address The Basics

Everyone beginning to play golf, as well as many weekend warriors appreciate some extra golf tips when their on the course, except perhaps the unsolicited comments from their playing partners. The John Jacobs golf school, also believe that the average player can also improve their game with some good advice and caters to everyone from the beginners to the slightly better golfers to help them improve their game.

Begun by Shelby Futch and the Scottsdale Golf Group, there are currently 22 John Jacobs golf school locations in nine states and Canada teaching the basic fundamentals, as well as some advanced techniques to golfers of all skill levels. From the proper grip and swing of the woods and iron, the John Jacobs golf school uses video analysis to help golfers see what might be sending their drives into oblivion and creating steps to help them drive the ball straight down the fairway.

A major part of achieving low scores on the golf course is the short game. In addition to learning to drive the all straighter and longer, John Jacobs golf school also offers instruction on hitting the wedge, pitching iron, chipping and getting out of the sand with either a short shot to the green or a longer hit from a fairway bunker. Learning or relearning the basics of the game can offer a golfer who doesn’t get to play seven days a week a better understanding of how their swing can work for them.

Understanding Golf Helps Improve Your Game

Some of the key elements to the advanced instruction available at a John Jacobs golf school include the theory of the flight of the golf ball and golf course etiquette. Many used to believe that the name of the game was short for gentlemen only, ladies forbidden, but that has been disproved through the study of the Scottish language. However, knowing what you can and should never do on the golf course can provide better enjoyment for all players.

One of the toughest shots on a course is from an uneven lie, or when the ball is perched above or below the feet. Making the right adjustment can mean the difference between whiffing at the ball or burying the club head into the sod. At eh John Jacobs golf school the instructors will teach the difference and how to achieve the correct stance.

Despite that many believe the game of golf is insanity practiced in a pasture, the John Jacobs golf school will teach players the mental attitude for the game and how it affects their play. Being prepared mentally and physically can lead to a great round of golf.

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