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Jim McLean Golf School Retains Top Instructors

Recognized as on of the top golf instructors in the world, Jim McLean has turned his more than 20 years as a golf instructor into a string of seven Jim McLean Golf School locations around the United States. Working with tour professional as well as beginners, his 8-Step and X-Factor golf techniques are easily adapted to any course under any conditions. His work with touring pros to help them through some rough spots in their game is testament to his teaching abilities.

Many students from Jim McLean Golf School instruction have gone on to win major professional tournaments, including Christie Kerr and Angel Cabrerra. While McLean remains mostly at his Miami facility, qualified instructors teach the game at the other United States locations as well as at facilities in Canada and Spain. He says he built the school system slowly to avoid trying to grow too much too quick, which could endanger the quality of his teaching staff.

One of the leading forces in fine-tuning the golf swing, the Jim McLean Golf School teaches through the use of video analysis of the swing along with biodynamics. His 8-step golf swing can help golfers of any age and any skill level, extend their drives while keeping the ball on a straight trajectory.

The Easy Follow Through Often Overlooked

One of the keys to a great golf shot is the player’s balance, but over that is the position of the club immediately after impact. When the Jim McLean Golf School analyzes a swing through video, it reveals the player’s eight steps and their relative position to the ball and the fairway, enabling the instructor to suggest minor changes, if needed, to perfect their individual swing.

One of the crucial times during the golf swing is the position of the clubface immediately following impact with the ball. The direction in which the club head faces is usually the direction the ball will follow as it leaves the tee. The analysis available at the Jim McLean Golf School can show the golfer which direction the ball will travel and what needs to be corrected to make the ball go straight.

The Jim McLean Golf School also stresses the importance of the X-factor in the golf swing. The difference in the rotation of the upper body and the lower body, and how it affects the speed of impact as well as the strength. Individual and group sessions help provide the tweaks needed by each golfer to leave the Jim McLean Golf School a better player on the course.

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