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Learn How To Swing A Golf Club

When you first start playing golf, it can seem extremely difficult to swing the club properly. Learning how to swing a golf club is not an easy process, because the golf swing is an unnatural motion that you can only perfect through practice. Also, you are probably going to be nervous when you first learn how to swing a golf club. After all, you don’t want to look bad in front of the other golfers, and this can affect your swing. However, if you know a few simple rules about how to swing a golf club then you will avoid many of the major mistakes that people make when they first play golf. Here is some basic information about the golf swing and some practice techniques to help you improve.


The backswing should be equally focused on the body rotation and club and arm extension. The backswing is a fluid and on-piece motion with a straight front elbow, although this is tough to do. The back elbow should be bent at around 90 degrees if possible. If you can do all these things then your backswing will be smooth and consistent.
You might think the downswing begins with your arms, but it should actually start with your legs. You should move your knees, then thighs and hips forward to transfer your weight from back to front. Doing this will increase the distance you hit the ball. Again, this movement should be smooth and fast, just like a snake when it uncoils.
Impact and follow-through
Now we come to the action part the impact with the ball. You club shaft should form a straight line with the left (forward) arm. Your weight should be on your forward heel to the outside and on the inside of the back foot. Your hands and wrist should turn so that the grip of the club points at the target where you want to hit the ball. Then the wrists should rotate over and elbows bend, with the head of the club behind you. This will give you the distance and control you wish in your golf swing.
Whilst it seems like a complex motion, as long as you continue to practice you will start to get used to the motion. Practice your swing whenever you can, even if it just going through the motions at home. This will train your muscles to be used to the movement, making it seem more natural. This will improve your consistency, and speed up the process of learning how to swing a golf club.

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