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Some Great Golf Training Aids

When you take golf lessons you will sometimes see the PGA certified teaching pro that you are working with drag out a bunch of golf training aids and you may get a little confused.  That is okay and it is also normal.  Some of the golf training aids look like medieval weapons and it is hard to figure out how in the world they can help you learn to play golf.  Here we will introduce you to some of the golf training aids you will see and describe what they are for.  Some of it seems obvious and some of it not so obvious but they all help.

The Rope

Ah the most basic of golf training aids yet the most effective for improving the mechanics of your swing.  It is what it says it is, a piece of rope.  Some instructors use straps and others use nothing but the power of suggestion which is not nearly as effective as rope.  When you swing a golf club you want the arm that comes under your chin to remain straight at all times.  If you are right handed then this would be your left arm and vice versa for left handed people.  What the instructor will do is take the rope and tie down the arm that is not supposed to remain straight and make you slowly swing the club with the straight arm.  The only way they take the rope off is when you display the ability to swing with that straight arm while it is perfectly straight.  It seems barbaric but it works.

The Hammer

These golf training aids have some pretty intense names.  This is a heavy weight that is in a cylinder shape that is tied to a rope.  The best golf swings are the ones that have great flow and rhythm to them.  You develop that flow and rhythm by swinging the hammer with the same motion you would use to swing a golf club.  If your motion is not smooth then the hammer will let you know.  The pro knows when your swing is improving because you are spending less time on the ground out cold than you used to.  Yes learning golf can be dangerous but with the right pro even these exercises can be very safe and very fun.

The Sticks

The sticks are the most non-violent golf training aids you will ever use.  After getting tied up with rope and beaten with a hammer you finally get the chance to swing a club without fear of harming yourself.  You can now get down to the task of harming others.  The sticks are simply two white sticks each about 2 feet long that the pro uses to show you the path your club should take when striking the ball.   The pro will place the ball down in between the two sticks and you have to focus and swing so that you only hit the ball.  Sounds easy, but it isn’t.

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