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Golf Weight Training Helps With Power and Balance

Whenever the subject of a golf weight training program comes up many golfers will offer a blank stare before questioning the need, or sanity, of such a program. They argue the balls do not weigh that much and it does not need a lot of strength to smack it with a club to make it fly 200 yards or more. They will contend it is more important to work on their striking technique that the size of their muscle. However, golf weight training is becoming more popular among those who want to hit the ball longer and with a better sense of balance.

A good golf weight training program will help build muscles typically used while playing the game. There are three phases in most exercise programs, usually performed twice a week in season and out of season, to help keep the muscles in tune for the course. However, as with any exercise program it is always recommended visiting your physician before beginning to make sure you are healthy enough to take part. Additionally, if any of the exercises included in a golf weight training program causes any pain, don’t do it.

Warming Up, it is Important to Exercise Safety

Prior to beginning any golf weight training session, you have to do some warm-up exercises first. About 10 minutes on a stationary bike or performing aerobic exercises is usually sufficient. Stretching is also important to prevent muscle pulls and tendon or ligament pain. Think about heading to the first tee and how you perform a stretching ritual before teeing off. The same needs to be done before beginning the golf weight training.

Talking to the golf pro at your favorite golf course can usually result in a list of recommended exercise and the weights needed to perform them correctly. If not, many gyms or health spas offer golf weight training programs that you can learn and then take home and repeat throughout the season. In the off season when little or no golf is being played it is important that certain aspects of the golf weight training regimen continue to insure you are ready for the start of the golfing year.

A golf weight training should consist of exercises that can build a good foundation for future exercises and the second phase should be geared to the specific muscles used during the game. Stomach muscle and well as lateral muscle strengthening and leg muscles can also help with your balance while swinging the club.

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