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Golf Vacations Maui: A Golfing Experience To Remember

If you are planning a golfing vacation then why not consider Maui? There are 20 different courses to choose from and it is one of the premier golfing locations in the world. Some of the best golf vacations Maui can be found here so if you have been trying to find a great golfing experience; look no further.

Why Golf Vacations Maui May Appeal to You

A problem which many golfers face on several different golf courses is the amount of people who are playing next to them. Some golf courses can be absolutely packed but luckily in golf vacations Maui, the golfing experience is not a people packed one! That means that you get plenty of space to enjoy your game and there is no pressure to move on to the next hole.

Some of the best golf vacations Maui include:

Kaanapali Golf Course

The Kaanapali golf course is a course you should visit if you are looking to relax and enjoy the scenery whilst on your vacation. There are incredibly scenic ocean views from the course and there are great rolling fairways which appeal to many golfers all around the world.

The Kai course in particular is a good one to try out and there are natural canals as well as lava rock boundaries situated alongside the holes. It has been recently renovated to improve the course and it is designed to mainly help you to focus on your strategy rather than your distance or strength in the game. It is certainly one of the best golf vacations Maui has to offer.

The Makena Golf Courses

Another one of the best golf vacations Maui has to offer includes the Makena golf courses. All golfers no matter what their age or skill level love the Makena courses as they boast some of the most pristine golf courses around the world. They are built on completely unspoilt land and they also have the best golfing weather in the world too. What more could any keen golfer wish for?

The Wailea Golf Resort

If you are a woman golfer the Wailea Golf Resort will definitely appeal to you over most other courses. That is because it has been awarded as the most women friendly golf resort and women from all over the world flock here to relax and play their favourite sport. It boasts some particularly stunning ocean views and its Gold, Emerald and Blue courses are definitely ahead of all the rest.

Overall there are some amazing courses to choose form in Maui and it does have absolutely perfect weather too. So the next time that you are looking for a memorable golfing vacation, why not keep in mind the resorts mentioned here? To many keen golfers they are the best around the world.

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