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Explore The Las Vegas Golf Vacations

When looking at the many golf vacations Las Vegas has to offer, it is not hard to see why it remains a popular golfing destination.

Well known for its glitzy, entertaining lifestyle, Las Vegas is definitely a place which never sleeps; though with a Las Vegas golfing trip it is just a bit different. Far from the glitz and the glamour, the golf courses within Las Vegas offer tranquillity and a genuine golfers paradise.

The Las Vegas Golf Courses

With over 50 different courses, Las Vegas certainly is one of the best golfing destinations within America. There is literally something for everyone and even the expert golfer will be impressed with the golf vacations Las Vegas has to offer.

The Bali Hai Golf Course

One particularly popular golf course within Las Vegas is the Bali Hai Golf Club. Situated on the main and extremely popular Las Vegas Strip, it boasts serenity and tranquillity not what you would usually expect on the strip! There are seven magnificent acres of water features as well as 4,000 trees and 100,000 wild plants on the course which make sures that you surrounded by natural beauty. However, it is certainly not one of the cheapest courses and you can expect to pay around $699 for 3 nights. It is not the priciest golfing resort around but it is still not something for those of you looking for a discount! So when looking for more expensive

Craig Ranch Golf Course

The Craig Ranch Golf Course is one of the cheapest golf courses within Las Vegas. So, if you are looking for cheap golf vacations Las Vegas has to offer then this one will not let you down. It is a course which you can walk around if you would like to and it is set within a rural setting. Tall trees surround the course which makes you feel like you are at one with nature and that alone offers you a unique, relaxing atmosphere. This course is mainly designed with beginners in mind so if you are looking for a serious course then this may not be the one for you.

Overall no matter what you are looking for, the golf vacations Las Vegas provides are available to suit all budgets. Prices will of course depend on how long you want to stay, which courses you want to play at and what extra features you are after. You will also find something to suit your abilities if you are a beginner or an expert golfer and all courses offer you a small haven away from the hustle and bustle of busy Las Vegas life.

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