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Selecting Golf Tournament Awards

So you’re not giving away the green jacket or the seven million dollar cash prize at your upcoming golf tournament? Nevertheless, selecting golf tournament awards is still very much an important part in planning a golf tournament. Top scorers can and should be rewarded with quality golf tournament awards. Most often, players truly value their performance in the game of golf, and therefore the golf tournament award should be representative of the accomplishment.

When selecting golf tournament awards, your selection should be based on the caliber of the event. Sometimes, a golf tournaments award suggests the level of importance of the tournament itself. In some cases, you can use the theme of the tournament to determine the appropriate golf tournament awards for participants.

If you are planning a golf tournament, keep in mind that you may want to present awards to individuals other that just the players. There may be a need to present awards to some of the behind the scenes volunteer teams for their hard work during the event. You may want to honor the sponsors of the event with an appreciation award for making the event possible. Or, you may need to present awards to the tournament committee members as a note of thanks.

Different types of awards to consider include: gold or silver plated trophies, pins, plaques, crystal golf balls or golf ball trophies, different types of glass keepsakes, glass or silver serving trays. Some event coordinators choose to give memberships to golf clubs, vacations, cruises and even cash prizes. As a general practice, be sure to include funds in your event budget to have names, categories, and placements inscribed on the golf tournament awards.

There are many companies that provide golf tournament awards. Before you select a final award type, spend time doing research on different vendors and the services they are capable of providing. Be sure to communicate with the different vendors and indicate to them the themes of your tournament. This way, the vendor can help provide advice on selecting the appropriate golf tournament awards for your event. It is beneficial to find a vendor that can supply the awards as well as have the awards inscribed. Also, some trophy companies will even deliver the awards on the event day and time.

Selecting golf tournaments awards is a very important part of planning a golf tournament event. Considering the participants, the theme of the event and taking time to plan your selection is essential in selecting the appropriate tournament awards and result in a much more memorable event.

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