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Golf Swing Plane

If you want to score pars and birdies on the golf course, the best thing you can do is work on your golf swing. The golf swing can be considered the most crucial part of your golf game, and if you have swing problems you won’t score well. An inaccurate golf swing plane will result in slices and hooks off the tee box. By learning the mechanics of a good swing, you can easily practice and improve your golf swing and scoring.

There are many golf swing training aids on the market that can help improve your swing plane. These swing training aids can be found at golf retail outlets, as well as online. Some golf trainings aids that can help you work on your swing plane include swing trainers that can guide your club on an optimal swing plane so that you can learn exactly how to replicate it.

Along with balance, rhythm, stance, and set up, the golf swing plane is an important factor of your golf swing. A golf swing plane is the path that your club takes in the course of your swing. For a successful swing, it is important to keep your golf swing plane level and steady. Also, although the golf swing plane will vary slightly according to which club you use, it should also follow the same basic path. Following are a few more key factors to keep in mind when it comes to your golf swing plane.

Try to keep the same speed throughout your entire swing.
Balance is key to having an accurate golf swing plane. Good balance starts with a sturdy foundation.
For a good swing plane, start with a balanced set up when you address the ball. Be sure to place your feet a little more than shoulder’s width apart.
For balance and an accurate swing plane, be sure you aren’t reaching for the ball when you address it. Your ball position should be comfortable, and your club head should be able to rest behind the ball with your arms hanging naturally in front of you.
At the top of your swing plane, you do not want the club head to be in front of you. Make sure the club head is behind you and be careful not to over-swing. At the very top of your swing, the club shaft should be parallel with the ground.
For your golf swing plane to work right for you, be sure that you have appropriately fitted clubs. If your golf clubs are too long or short, you will have trouble with your swing plane.

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