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Golf Shirts: Look Great On The Course

It might not be as important as your clubs or golf balls, but picking the right golf shirts can make a difference to the image and style you portray on the course. This not only makes you look great, but also gives you confidence and a mental advantage on the course. The right golf shirts will shoe opponents that you are serious about your game and not to be taken lightly. However, the wrong clothing can leave you wearing inappropriate clothes for the course or club and ruin your image. Choosing the right materials for your golf shirts is also important, as this will affect how comfortable you feel on the course. Here is some advice about picking the right shirts for your golfing needs.

Following course regulations

Although there is more room for expression these days on some golf courses, you still need to make sure that your golf shirts adhere to golf course regulations. There is nothing more embarrassing than being told you cannot play on the course because you are in the wrong clothes. Pick simple and classic designs such as polo shirts or knit jumpers. Try and avoid anything with large logos or extremely bright colours, as well as rude or offensive messages. Anything that is too casual will also be disallowed, so make sure you look smart and tidy.

Pick the right materials

It is also important to pick the right materials for your golf shirts. Pick polo shirts that are made of natural fibres and woven so that they are breathable. Make sure you have a variety of thicknesses for different weather conditions. Keep thin and light shirts for summer, with thicker long-sleeve shirts and knitted sweaters for winter. Whenever you go to play, make sure you wear layers so that you can adapt to changes in temperature and remain comfortable throughout your round.

Personalised shirts

Despite course dress codes, there is plenty of room to make your golf shirts your own. From tailored shirts to custom and personalised designs, the list is endless. You can get your name or business logo embroidered on your shirts for that personal touch, or gets a completely new design made. Many local golf stores now have facilities for personalising golf shirts, as do most online stores. As long as you follow the rules set out by the courses and are mindful of the materials and types of shirt you buy, you are sure to find the right style of golf shirts for your golfing needs.

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