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Golf Rules and Regulations: Important Part of the Game

Golf rules and regulations are an essential part of the game of golf. In order to truly enjoy and appreciate the sport, you need to become familiar with golf rules and regulations. Also, if you want to take part in competitive or tournament play, you must know the golf rules and regulations to avoid penalty strokes and to get along well with your fellow players.

General golf rules and regulations are easy to learn and follow. By reviewing a few of the common golf rules and regulations, you can begin to feel comfortable on the course and become confident in your game. Even if you aren’t a beginner golfer, brushing up on golf rules and regulations is always a good idea. Following are some of the basic golf rules and regulations to get you started towards having a fun time on the course.

Never interfere with the golf ball’s movement while it is in play. You must always play the ball as it lies. The only exception to this rule is if you are taking a stroke penalty to move the ball from an unplayable lie.
If you are hitting from the putting surface, and you strike the flagstick while it is in the hole, you will be penalized a stroke.
If you think you have lost your ball or hit it out of bounds, play a provisional ball from the same place.
On the tee box, you must tee up your ball between the two tee markers. You may play the ball up to two club lengths behind the tee markers, but never in front of them.
If you are near the flagstick while another player is putting, it is your duty to tend the hole, or pull the flagstick from the hole before the player putts or before their ball reaches the hole.
On the putting green, whichever player is farthest from the hole has the option of putting first.
When playing out of a sand bunker, your club face must not make contact with the ground until you are taking your stroke.
You cannot press down on the ground to improve the line of your putt, but you may remove loose impediments from your putting line.
Remain quiet and keep still when other players are hitting, putting, or in the midst of their shot routine.
Many golf courses will have their own local rules or regulations in effect. Check with the club house before setting out on your round to see if there are any local rules you will need to abide by.

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