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Golf Rules: Etiquette Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to golf rules, etiquette is one of the most important concepts to master before you stop out onto the course. Official rules about stroke play are easy to pick up, but golf rules etiquette are often unspoken and harder for beginner golfers to get a grasp on. Learning golf rules etiquette will help you get along with your fellow players and become an experienced golfer.

The following tips will help you get started on understanding golf rules etiquette and enjoying your time out on the course:

Try to never hold up other golfers. Causing undue delay on the golf course is one of the most important golf rules etiquette to not violate.
If a group of golfers is playing behind you at a faster pace, it is proper golf rules etiquette to let the group play through.
If a single golfer is playing behind you and your group is much larger, you should let the player pass and play on ahead since the single player will be able to get around the course much faster than your group.
You should try to limit your group of golfers to a maximum of six players. Groups of eight will often be allowed, but it is difficult for such a large group to get around the golf course in a timely manner.
Clear the green as soon as you are finished putting, and be sure to replace the flagstick.
Rake any sand trap after you have played out of it. Try to leave the bunker in as good as condition or better than when you entered it.
Ball marks should always be repaired on the green. It is a standard golf rules etiquette practice to repair your own ball mark as well as one other. This way, greens will stay in good shape.
In the fairway and on the tee box you should try to repair any divots you create. Often there will be a bucket of sand on your golf cart or beside the tee box. Use this to fill in your divot so that the grass can regrow. If no sand is available, at least try to pat down the area or replace the divot.
Always start your round of golf on the first tee and at your assigned starting time. Never jump ahead of another group of golfers.
Wait until the hole is completely clear before you hit your shot. Also, make sure it is your turn to hit before you begin your shot routine. If you are the farthest away from the hole, it is your turn to hit or putt.

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