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Golf Fitness Training For Game Balance

One of the aspects of the game of golf taught by nearly every instructor is maintain balance throughout the swing. Whether hitting off the tee or putting on the green, a golfer that has perfect balance through the stroke has a better chance of having the ball go in the direction in which they aim. Through the use of golf fitness training better balance can be achieved, resulting in lower scores.

Golf fitness training is not designed to create sculptured muscles and make a person look like a body building champion, rather it is designed to strengthen the muscles used in the game of golf and train them to work with other muscles as a group. Additionally, by working on a golf fitness training program, there is less chance of ending the round with back and leg pain.

For the average golfer, the twisting and turning of the back and legs during 18-holes of golf uses muscles often not utilized in their everyday activities. These muscles usually let themselves be known at some point during the game by complaining and can have an adverse affect on the rest of the day. Through golf fitness training the golfer can tone these muscles and eliminate the pain often associated with only occasional use.

Muscles Used To Maintain Consistent Position

The upper arms, stomach and legs are involved in a work out every time the player swings and strikes the ball. With golf fitness training they can use these muscles to help maintain a consistent balance throughout the swing. Hitting the ball with the weight positioned over the back foot is the goal, and shifting weight from foot to foot during the backswing and downswing can be tough if the muscles in the legs are not strong enough to maintain the balance.

Additionally, some muscles in the back and sides, known as lateral muscles, may develop cramps if only used on the golf course. Through a specific golf fitness training program all the muscles can be worked to develop strength and the exercise can provide other health benefits as well. By starting slow and working their way into a full-fledged golf fitness training program a golfer can stay toned throughout the year, not only during the golfing season.

It is important before beginning any type of golf fitness training program to consult with a physician about the rigors of the program. While usually consisting of a lightweight workout lasting about 20 to 30 minutes twice a week, the person needs to be in acceptable health for the golf fitness training to accommodate their needs.

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