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Golf Etiquette is Part of the Game of Golf

Golf etiquette is often an unspoken set of rules that applies to the game of golf, referred to as the gentleman’s game. Unless you are an experienced golfer, you may be unaware of many of the golf etiquette rules. A quick review of some of the essential golf etiquette concepts will equip you with the necessary knowledge for successfully participating in the game of golf.

Golf etiquette is closely related to honesty. As a participant in the sport, it is your responsibility to keep yourself honest. Golf is not a team sport, so it is up to you and you alone to abide by the correct rules and golf etiquette. For example, it is your responsibility to honestly and correctly report your score for each hole. The concept of honesty as a part of golf etiquette also comes into play throughout the course of each hole. It is up to you to not touch your ball, improve your lie, or take any other dishonest actions that depart from the rules of the game.

Check out a few more golf etiquette tips so that you can enjoy the game of golf in the best form possible.

Always leave the course as you found it. Don’t leave behind any trash or cause any damage to the course.
When leaving a bunker or sand trap, always rake your footprints. It is common golf etiquette to leave the the trap in proper playing conditions for other golfers.
Golf is a quiet game, and it is proper golf etiquette to remain as quiet as possible during another player’s shot routine. Sounds and movements can easily distract golfers and detract from their play.
Many courses have some attire restrictions, and often t-shirts or shorts aren’t allowed. If you wear a collared shirt to the golf course, you should be in good shape. Check with the golf course beforehand to be sure you don’t violate any attire rules.
Be conscious of your shadow, and try not to cast your shadow where it interferes with the line of someone’s putt.
The player farthest from the hole always gets to hit first. This applies to the greens and fairways. On the tee box for the first shot of each hole, the player who has honors, or scored the best score on the preceding hole, has the option of hitting first. For the very first hole of the round, the group should reach a mutual agreement of who gets to hit first.
Be ready to hit your shot when its turn so that you don’t delay your group or the groups of golfers behind you.

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