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More to Golf Course Living Than Meets the Eye

When you think of living on a golf course, you probably imagine a bunch of retirees stepping out onto the putting green every day, living in a quiet neighborhood and drinking tea and lemonade in the afternoon. However, this is a common misconception regarding golf course living that deserves a little investigation and correction. Golf course living can be quite exciting for all ages, sexes, and races, regardless of your hobbies and interests. Most golf course communities these days include much more than access to some of the best private golf courses around and although these are still the main reason for people to retire to or move to a preplanned golfing community, there are certainly many more attractions to choose from.

For example, golf course living in Colorado can offer exclusive access to family parks, walking and biking trails, fishing ponds, and fitness centers. Most of the preplanned golf communities and neighborhoods in Colorado have an unbelievable backdrop of the Rocky Mountains right outside the back window of the house. Across the continent, you can find a similar atmosphere at locations in North Carolina planned for golf course living. One great example is The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, a 1,300-acre established community just outside Asheville that is welcoming to families with tons of activities while also maintaining 90 spectacular holes of golf.

If you are looking for golf course living in the far south, try Georgetown, Texas. Sun City is known as one of the least expensive golfing communities around and still holds true to the stereotypical decadent lifestyle offered by golf course living. Enjoy golf, tennis, art studios, walking and jogging trails, and fitness programs among the many activities offered, and pay less than $300,000 for your home on the green. Of course, if you head back east, South Carolina has quite a bit to offer in the way of golf course living, including facilities right on Lake Keowee (a 18,500-acre lake that is considered one of the most pristine mountain lakes in the Southeast) and more near the prestigious Hilton Head Island.

If you prefer the idea of a drier climate, there are plenty of locations for golf course living in Arizona, some of which are much like resorts, with entire country clubs and spas within the community where you can vacation without ever leaving your home. As you can see, living on a golf course doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t even have to like golf to enjoy these fine, upscale communities. There are plenty of other amenities and activities to keep you happy.

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