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I Need WHAT Golf Course Equipment?!

Whether building, maintaining, or even planning a design, you’ll need specific golf course equipment to accomplish your task. Interestingly enough, there are several types of specialized golf course equipment, as well as various other standard farm equipment that can be used. In fact, you might be surprised at the wide array of equipment available and necessary to you for such purposes.

For example, its obvious that you’ll need mowing equipment preferably riding lawnmowers due to the vast size of the courses as well as sprinkler systems to keep the lawn green and gorgeous. You have probably also thought about keeping blowers around to remove stray leaves and unwanted trimmings from the course so that they don’t get in the way of play. However, there are probably many more pieces of golf course equipment you’ve never even heard of, much less thought to buy for the upkeep of your golf course.

For example, you may have forgotten that there is equipment necessary to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your water hazards. A water pump will make sure that the water continues to flow so that unattractive algae and other fungi don’t become overwhelming. Filtration systems will also make sure that the water stays clear. For bunkers, an important piece of golf course equipment is a bunker rake. This will clean out leaves and other unwanted materials from the sand pit.

Other golf course equipment can even include sod and rollers that help to make sure that sod is nice and even, not causing any problems to golfers with ridges and bumps. This can also be accomplished using spreaders to make sure that the sod doesn’t clump up in one lone area. There are also aerification devices that will keep the soil and sod from becoming too packed and tight, allowing the ground to remain fresh and the grass to continue growing properly.

You may think about golf carts as necessary equipment, but have you thought about the golf course equipment that is necessary to keep these in good working order (engines, tanks and fuel, and other maintenance items)? Have you thought about standard playing equipment? After all, not everyone can afford to buy clubs and may need to rent a set. They may also have forgotten to stock up on golf balls and need to buy some.

Obviously, there is quite a bit of golf course equipment to consider when working with any stage of developing or maintaining a golf course. Determining just what you need can be a hefty responsibility, and you may want to consult with previously experienced individuals for recommendations.

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