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The Importance Of Your Golf Club Shafts

If you are a beginner to the golf game, then you probably haven’t had the time to think about how your equipment is affecting your game. However, knowing about the equipment options open to you and how they can improve your play is important for golfers of any level. One of the most important factors to consider when looking at your equipment is the golf club shafts. Changing something as simple as your golf club shafts can have an affect on your game, and help you to play more freely and consistently. However, knowing which golf club shafts are right for you can be tricky, with various types and materials on the market today. If you want to know more about the importance of golf club shafts, then here is a guide to help you get started.

The clubs engine

The golf club shafts are so important because they are the engine of the clubs. They provide the length, the flex, the torque and the weight for your club, giving you the swing plane and shot you wish. If your shaft is wrong then you wont be able to produce the shots you want consistently.
Steel shafts
Steel shafts are stronger and last longer than graphite or carbon fiber shafts, and are great for your iron clubs, as they don’t have the twist in them that graphite shafts have. They have better accuracy than graphite shafts, but cannot produce the same distances, and you need a faster swing speed to make them effective. The two main types of steel shaft and the stepped steel shaft and the rifled steel shaft, with the rifled shaft being the more technologically advanced of the two.
Other shaft materials
Of the other shaft materials, graphite shafts are the most common. These shafts are most expensive and less durable than steel, although they can generate large amounts of power, and so are good for lady golfers and driver clubs. They also weigh less than steel clubs, and have less vibration so are easier to swing and impact the ball with. Other materials for shafts include titanium, although not much is known about this type of club as of yet apart from that it is strong and quite stiff.
Golf club shafts are an important part of your golf club, and provide much of the feel and qualities of your club. Picking the right material is important, as is getting the right length of shaft for your golf club. If you are unsure about what type to buy, then look for reviews online or speak to your local golf store and getting a fitting for your clubs.

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