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Golf Club Sets: Get The Whole Range

Whilst many players prefer to pick out their individual clubs and equipment based on certain specifications, this can be a daunting and time consuming task. If you are a casual golf player or are new to the game, you might be better served by taking advantage of some of the great golf club sets available. Golf club sets give you all the basic clubs you need to get started with the game of golf, without the hassle of having to go around shops and pick out various different clubs. You can also save money with golf club sets, as the package deals are often discounted from the individual clubs. If you are new to the game and want to save yourself time and money when buying clubs, then here are some tips about how to get the best golf club sets around.

Why buy golf club sets

If you are a serious player, then perhaps a set will not appeal to you as you will want to pick out your individual clubs and find the best in each range for your needs. However, for those who are not completely sure about which clubs to pick or new players who don’t want the daunting task of picking out each club, then a set of clubs is probably the best way to go. Sets of golf clubs will have everything you need to get started playing, and often cost less than specialist clubs of each type. You are buying in bulk, so you will often get some discount for doing so. You also know that your clubs will be consistent as they will all be the same make and produced at the same time. Golf club sets are an extremely easy and convenient way to get a decent set of clubs to play golf with.

What you get

What you get in a set of golf clubs obviously varies from set to set, but generally you will get all the clubs needed to play a full round of golf, as well as a bag and maybe some balls as well. You should get a driver, as well as a fairway wood and a set of eight irons. You will also get a putter and a wedge club. The bag will usually be a club bag, perhaps with a stand and some accessory bags too. Some of the more comprehensive sets even come with balls, tees, gloves and headcovers so that you don’t have to worry about buying anything at all. The sort of set you choose really depends on your budget and whether you want to buy everything at once or shop for other items separately.

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