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Learn The Golf Club Impact Position: Improve Your Shots

Whilst golf may look quite simple on television, the golf swing is in fact a complex and unnatural motion that can take years and years to get right. This is why it is important to know the theory and science behind the golf swing so that you can more easily correct any mistakes you find in your own swing. One of the most important theories behind golf swing is that of the golf club impact position. The golf club impact position is the position that the club face hits the ball when you swing. Getting this wrong can cause your shots to be too low, too high or to slice away. If you know the science behind the golf club impact position, then you can quickly correct mistakes and become more consistent in your play. Here are some tips to help you improve your impact position.

Getting it wrong

If you don’t get the golf club impact position right, then you will not be able to hit the ball straight. When you slice the ball, it is because your body is moving faster than the arms and the club. When you hook the ball, it is because the club and arms are moving faster than the body, although most people slice the ball rather than hook it.

Swing plane

The swing plane is an important part of how you impact the ball. The swing plane is the angle at which the club travels through the swing. You want to make sure that your swing plane when going through the ball is parallel or close to parallel with your shaft position when you first address the ball. This will increase your chances of hitting the ball well.

Golf ball impact

The impact point is a position on the swing path. However, the impact is the result that matters, although it is not what you should be thinking about when swinging. If you think more about where you going in the swing than the actual impact. If you get the swing position and plane right then your golf ball impact position will be good. The best impact position is slightly higher than the address position. This will give your ball the best flight through the air.

Practice makes perfect

All of these positions and swing plane theories may seem strange now, but once you start practicing or look at your swing in a mirror or recording it in a camera you will see the action behind these theories. Only with practice and determination will you get the golf ball impact position consistently right and improve your play.

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