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What Are The Best Golf Club Head Covers For You?

Golf club head covers might seem like a non-essential style item for your golf clubs, but they do in fact serve an important purpose. Golf club head covers help keep your clubs clean and protected from the elements. If it is raining, you don’t want to take out a wet club to play with, as it will slip off the ball more easily and affect your shot. Instead, you want to make sure your clubs are always protected and in perfect condition for every shot that you play. So, it is important to make sure you choose the right golf club head covers for your needs, depending on what sort of material and style you want. If you are uncertain which club head covers to choose, then here are some tips to help you pick the best head covers for your needs.

Knitted covers

Knitted golf club head covers are the most traditional type of cover for golf club heads, and are relatively cheap. They give fairly good protection to the clubs, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. If you are talented at sewing or knitting you can even make some yourself, with plenty of patterns for golf club head covers available in magazines and online. You can buy some fairly interesting designs for knitted head covers, including animals and sports team covers. Knitted covers give a traditional feel to your golfing style, but they do have some drawbacks. Namely, they are not very strong and can break after a while, and they don’t provide total protection against the elements such as rain. Despite this, knitted covers are a cheap and popular type of head cover for golf clubs.

Modern materials

Although knitted covers still remain popular, newer materials are now being used to make golf club head covers. One of the most popular and durable materials now being used for head covers is neoprene. If you are not familiar with neoprene, it is the material used for wetsuits for divers and surfers. This material is used because it provides complete protection for golf club heads again the elements, and fits snugly over the tops of the clubs. Although a little more expensive than knitted covers, these head covers are still very good value and take up less room than knitted covers. They give a modern feel to your golf equipment and are extremely durable and tough.
Whatever type of golf club head covers you choose, make sure they are durable enough to give you the protection you need and that they reflect your own personal style. You can even buy a few sets, with head covers becoming cheaper all the time.

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