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Find The Right Golf Club Grips For Your Swing

Whilst there is no perfect way to grip a golf club, there are some differences between good golf club grips and bad golf club grips. Knowing the differences will help you to improve your swing and feel more comfortable and natural when you play golf. Although the rules about golf club grips should not be set in stone, they do provide a great place to help you start experimenting with your grip. However, the most important thing to remember is that whatever grip you use, you should have a consistently square clubface at the point of impact of your swing. Here are some tips and advice about how various golf club grips can affect your game.

Gripping the club

There are no set rules about gripping a golf club, and it really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. However, there are some basic factors you can consider when first learning how to grip the club that will help you better identify your preferred grip. Firstly, place the club head down on the ground as if you were about to strike a ball. If you are right handed (all instructions in reverse for left handed), then take your right hand off the club so that only your left hand holds the grip. Now move the grip around so that your fingers hold the club rather than your palms. Now move your fingers so the thumb of your left hand is point straight down the club length, with your thumb touching your hand at the top of the grip. Now place the fingers of this grip in your right hand. There will be a crease in your right hand which you should place over the left hand. Then it is all a matter of acting as if you are pulling a trigger, with your index finger and thumb of the right hand on the grip.
Now you have the start of a basic golf grip which you can experiment with until you feel comfortable with your grip and swing.

Grip size

Another important factor to consider is the size of your actual golf club grips. You want grips that allow your left hand to fit just around the club and touch. Too big or small will affect your swing, as you will either use your hands too much or not enough in the swing. Ask your local golf dealer about whether a grip size is right for you or not.
There are no exact rules for the perfect golf grip, and each golfer has a slightly different grip. How, if you follow these basic techniques then you can experiment with various golf club grips and find one that you are most comfortable with.

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