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For A Perfect Fit Get A Golf Club Fitting

If you want to have the most comfortable set of golf clubs for your game, then you need to make sure you get a golf club fitting done when you buy your clubs. Many golfers have problems with their game because they are using golf clubs that are either too big or too small for their style of game. If you get a golf club fitting then your clubs will be tailored to your exact needs, giving you more consistent play and a feeling of comfort around the course. Many good local golf stores can perform golf club fitting services, as can online shops if you give them the correct measurements that they need. If you are interested in knowing more about golf club fitting, then this guide can give you some advice to get you started.

Information needed

If you are going for a golf club fitting, then there are certain measurements that the store will need to know to fit you out properly. Firstly, they will need to know your gender and your height in your socks. They will also need to know the distance from your wrist to the floor without your shoes on, your age and your handicap or golfing skill level. They will also test how fast you can swing a club, and what club you would use at the 150 yard marker.
The first few measurements help to determine the length of clubs, whilst the last few determine the shaft flex needed for your clubs.

Length and flex

Your club length is generally determined by your gender and your height. The taller you are, then the longer the clubs you will need. Also, a longer club with the same swing speed will generally give you more distance, although will be harder to control. It is getting this balance right that is important.
In terms of flex, this is how stiff your club shaft is. The more power you can naturally produce, then the stiffer the club needs to be. For example, Tiger Woods generates a huge amount of power, so will use a stiff club shaft, whereas an elderly female golfer will probably need a club with more flex to help generate the extra power.

Loft and lie

Loft and lie adjustments are sometimes done to clubs, but are not necessarily advisable. Whilst lie adjustments can help, they can only be done to irons and wedges, and generally only a small adjustment is needed. If you do have a lie adjustment done on your irons, you need to make sure you do this in person to get the measurements correct. Loft adjustments are generally not recommended, as they weaken clubs with the bending needed to making the changes. If you need more or less loft, then simply use a different club. For example, if you need more loft than your 5 iron, then use the 4 iron.

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