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Pick The Right Club By Knowing Golf Club Distances

If you watch golf on television, then you have probably seen that virtually all the top players have a golf caddy with them. These caddies are not there just to carry the clubs, but to advise the players on which clubs to use depending on the distance to the hole. Whilst some top clubs will provide caddies for a fee, most of the time you will be caddying for yourself. If this is the case, then it is important that you know the various golf club distances so that you pick the right club for each shot. Knowing golf club distances will mean you are more likely to hit the right shot and lower your score. If you are unsure about the various golf club distances, then here are some facts and figures to help you out.

No exact science

Whilst you can work out rough estimates for golf club distances, there are no real exact measurements for each club. This is because it really depends on the person using the club. Professional golfers are likely to hit the ball much further than most amateurs are. Equally, most men are likely to hit the ball further than women are. Whilst this means it can be hard to choose a club for a certain shot, it also means that there is no real wrong golf club distance. There is only the right distance for you, which you can find out by experimenting with your different clubs to see what your range is like. For instance, a PGA player might drive the ball anywhere from 280 to 320 yards, whereas an LPGA player will hit the ball between 230 and 270 yards. Compare this to the average amateur who will hit the ball around 195 to 205 yards, and you can see the big difference in distance. The weather will also be a factor in your distance capabilities, as with wind behind you the ball will probably travel further than with a headwind. As long as you practice and know your own golf club distances, you will make the right club selection on the course.

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