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It Pays To Know Your Golf Club Components

When playing the game of golf you probably see your clubs as one item, without taking the time to think about the various golf club components. However, knowing about the different golf club components can help you to better understand the game of golf, and perhaps even improve your swing along the way. Each part of the club serves a different purpose, and affects your game in a different way. There are three main parts of a golf club the grip, the shaft and the head. It is important to know how each part of the club affects your game, and how you can use each part to your advantage. Here are some hints and tips about the various golf club components.

The grip

The grip of the golf club is the part that you hold when taking a shot. It is important because it is where you feel each shot from. According to rules the grip has to be round without obvious bumps lumps or hollows. Most grips are made of rubber or leather with small grooves or ridges, and can be in a variety of sizes depending on how big your hands are. The best grip for your needs is really a personal choice, and you should experiment to see which feels most comfortable and natural in your hands.

The shaft

The shaft of the club is an important part of the golf club components as it attaches the grip to the head, and also must be round like the grip. Most modern shafts are made of steel or carbon fiber, with carbon fiber the more expensive and lighter choice. However, the choice of shafts is still generally a personal preference depending on the individuals needs. The most important measure of a club shaft is the stiffness, with the more powerful your swing the more stiff you want the shaft to be. If you cannot generate power on your own then you want some bend and flex in the shaft to help you get the power you need.

The head

The head of the golf club is where you impact the ball, and so it is extremely important. However, this is the area of the club where the most variation in appearance occurs. This variation is generally separated into the categories of woods, iron and putters, depending on the type and length of the shot you are hitting. Woods have the largest heads of any golf clubs, with irons designed for a wide range of shots and putters designed for accuracy on the greens.

If you understand that golf clubs are made of up of these golf club components, then you will find yourself having a deeper appreciation for the physics of the golfing game.

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