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How To Recognize Golf Club Clones

Just as in the fashion or automobile market, golf club manufacturers often use the ideas of other manufacturers in their own golf clubs. These golf club clones are totally legal, and simply use the same manufacturers and techniques as many of the big golf brands, but offer better value for money. Whilst you might not get all the premium performance and the quality name behind the product, you can get a lot for your money with golf club clones. However, it is important to know the different between these legal golf club clones and illegal counterfeit clubs. These fake club makers are trying to trick you into thinking you are buying the real thing, when in fact you are buying a poorly made equivalent. If you want to know the difference between genuine golf club clones and illegal products, then here are some tips to help you.

Real clones

Real golf club clones are just like any legally cloned or copied product. They are interpretations of a tried, true and popular design by other manufacturers. Just as smaller car manufacturers borrow designs from the likes of Mercedes and BMW, smaller golf manufacturers use the features of the top manufacturers to produce great golf products at a lower price. Whilst you will not get the guarantees and the prestigious name with these clubs, you will often get the same level of performance for a lesser price. In essence real club clones are better value versions of the top brands, although it can be hard to distinguish the good clones from the bad.

Illegal clones

There are some club clones which rip off real club patents and copyrights, and these clubs should never be bought. Not only are they generally poor quality, but you are being conned into buying something that isn’t the genuine article. Real clones never profess to be anything else but their small brand, whereas illegal copies try to make you believe they are the real thing. Famous examples include the king snake which was a knockoff of Cobras King Cobra. You might be tempted to buy these clubs because they are extremely cheap, but they will not give you the quality you want, and the fake items put up the price of the real items who lose money when you buy the fakes.
Although these fakes give real club clones a bad name, if you shop around and know what to look for then you will find the best value real golf club clones for your needs. Remember, real club clones often use the same technology and parts as the top brands, and although they don’t have the same history or prestige they offer great clubs at low prices.

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