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Golf Ball Washer: What Did We Do Without Them?

One of the worst things about playing golf on a wet day is the ball constantly getting muddy or just dusty and dirty. After each turn, you need to pick up the ball and wipe it clean or try to wash it. Youd like to just wait until the game is over, but you may not have a game with a dirty ball. Because of the dimples on the ball, dirt gets on the ball easily and can affect the aerodynamics of it. Before golf ball washers were around, this was the situation on the course. Luckily, we now have the option to play with clean balls.

There are a few different kinds of golf ball washers available. The mechanics of a golf ball washer may vary depending on the model. Some are operated by hand, some are electronically driven. The difference is usually if it is designed to wash one ball at a time or several. The golf ball washers that wash several at one time operate similar to a vacuum cleaner in how they suck them all in before washing.

Most golf courses have golf ball washers available, usually one next to each hole. This is a rather large contraption, but easy to use. The bottom (which resembles a trashcan) holds water and a cleaning solution. The top has a hole for the ball to fit in. Once the ball is put in and dropped down, you turn the handle. This action revolves in a circular motion where brushes scrub the ball clean. When the ball is clean, you gently tap it and it will fall on the side in the pocket. You can then dry the ball with a towel. Most courses provide a towel that’s attached to the golf ball washer.

There are also portable golf ball washers to make cleaning simple wherever you are. One model is just a round cylinder with a wet pad inside. You fill it with just water, shake it to get the pad wet, dump the water out and put the ball in and shake. The ball comes out ready to dry and use for an entire round of golf. This is a popular one because its small and doesn’t need cleaning solution.

An even handier version is a small golf ball washer that you can clip to your golf bag, your purse or even your jeans. It is round with a sponge inside and a hole in the center for the golf ball. Its designed with a spinning motion to clean. Fill the washer with water and a cleaning solution. The golf ball is put in the center hole where it gets clean by spinning the handle. The portability of this type of golf ball washer makes it popular with many golfers.

Golf ball washers are available in many sizes and shapes. The one consistency in all them is that they make golfing a much easier and fun task.

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